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*Over 250 hours of training in Relationship and Intimacy Coaching-Integrative Arts Institute

*Internationally best selling Co-Author of the first volume of “Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life”

*Over 12 years of experience in the realm of women, dating, sex, and attraction.

*Edward Fish Personally Lives the lifestyle that He teaches others about, Including having experience in BDSM on both the dominant and submissive side and also simultaneously having ethical open relationships.

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Everything Consensual is Acceptable


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The Relationship Coaching That Will Help You Establish Your Own Standards

People whose relationships are going through a difficult time often report a lack of sexual satisfaction and fulfillment. Would you like to try a special relationship coaching session that will help you revitalize your love life? If you wish to make things work with your loved one, School of Sensual Desires will offer you help that is not what your average coach would recommend. Based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA, we are the organization that will provide you with a coaching service like no other. We explore a variety of coaching techniques, including making it safe to explore the possibilities of being a part of the BDSM and/or Polyamory lifestyles.

Polyamorous relationship counselingAs expected, clients are given complete information on the variety of our relationship coaching methods. The goal of our experts is to help people boost their confidence so they can understand their own desires and accept them fully. Families with strong traditional values can often place a psychological restriction upon the client’s mind, thus rendering him or her incapable of accepting or acting upon their deepest natural and valid desires. We are here to change that. After all, we’ve established our school with the motto: “everything consensual is acceptable”.

What makes School of Sensual Desires stand out from any other relationship coaching company is the success of our methods, the variety of issues we address in the BDSM and Polyamory lifestyles, as well as the diversity of our clientele. Our San Francisco Bay Area based office is more than capable of helping people curious about or involved with the BDSM and polyamory lifestyles with anything connected to the realization of their true desires of their heart. Every person who is stigmatized by society for being different, eventually loses sight of who they are, and develop a phantom guilt which ruins their confidence and sense for individuality. Our specialists are here to make your mind strong against bigotry and prejudice; you always have the right to be yourself!

Have you ever been interested in multiple relationships? How about BDSM or D/s dynamics? If you’ve ever had urges to explore these alternative lifestyles, though felt too restricted by either self-established boundaries or disapproval of your family/friends/community, here you will find the non-judgemental acceptance and safe space you’re looking for. EVERY consensual lifestyle choice and sexual identity is acceptable and welcomed by us. The founder of our school has over 12 years of experience in educating people on different aspects of BDSM and polyamory, and today, you can be enlightened as well. If you would like to learn more about our coaching or schedule a free 1 hour consultation over the phone or Skype, all you have to do, is give us a call today  or fill out your information below!

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    • BDSM
  • Ethical Non-monogamy
  • Other Non-traditional Relationships
  • Intimacy and Relationship Workshops
The end goal of the coaching sessions are:
Intimacy | Pleasure | Empowerment | Healing

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School of Sensual Desires

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