Areas We Serve

We serve all of the cities and towns in Napa County and San Francisco Bay Area

We focus on alternative relationships and also with the LGBT community for BDSM and polyamory coaching.

When you are looking for a relationship coach or a counselor, School of Sensual Desires is the right choice for those who need the expertise of true professionals. We specialize in polyamorous relationships and individual counseling, alternative relationships, LGBT community coaching, and more. We have been helping people from San Francisco Bay Area, CA and the surrounding areas, and here we would like to mention these regions.

Whether people need to turn to an open relationship counselor or a BDSM coach, we are always ready to provide our services to others. Problems are not confined to regions, and they exist everywhere in our society. We have had several opportunities to help people from Vallejo, CA, and we would always welcome others.

Our polyamorous relationship counseling and BDSM coaching services are known to many of the residents in Napa, CA. We have had many clients from that area, and we have also offered our help to the local LGBT community.

We are also renowned in the area of Fairfield, CA for our professionalism, discretion, and integrity. With over 12 years of experience, we have had the opportunity to provide many people from the region with professional help and advice.

Concord, CA is another area that we are well-known for our outstanding service. We have many friends there and are always ready to extend a helping hand to others. Visit us, and we will offer you the professional advice and counseling service that you need.

If you are located in Novato, CA and you are looking for a polyamory counseling services or help with your BDSM dynamics, we are the experts you should turn to. We have the experience, qualification and will to help you overcome any problem or situation.

Do not hesitate, and call us at (707) 202-6104 to schedule an appointment for a service that will help you!


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