A Polyamory Coaching That Will Help Your Sexuality Evolve

Polyamory couples coachingPolyamory has always been looked down upon by society. When dogmas have been dictated by someone who doesn’t have a fulfilled relationship of their own, many follow the trend and start to example feelings of hate towards those who choose to love multiple partners. In fact, there are people that suffer for their beliefs and harmless desires; either because of ridicule by their peers or because of “phantom guilt”. School of Sensual Desires is here to provide you with special polyamorous counseling that will help you immensely. Do not miss your chance to benefit from our San Francisco Bay Area, CA mind-releasing polyamory coaching!

We, here at School of Sensual Desires, welcome every type of sexual orientation. It is natural for polyamorous individuals to want to close with other like them, but because this type of behavior is considered to be taboo by many, these repressed and unvoiced desires become complexes which can negatively affect the relationship. It is our job to unfold every complex of your sensual restrictions and help you understand a freedom you’ve always had but repressed for so long.

Our remarkable polyamory coaching is not going to make you do something you don’t want to; in fact, it is exactly the opposite – the mission of our San Francisco Bay Area, CA professionals is to help you realize what you want and need in your relationship with a loved one, and with other people. We have been helping people for more than 12 years, and today we continue to do so as well. Feel free to benefit from our complimentary consultation session, and you will re-discover your sensuality!

We teach, “Everything consensual is acceptable”. All of our coaching sessions and workshops are performed with this phrase in mind. After all, achieving true freedom of feeling comes from acceptance for your own desires and those of your partner/partners. If you wish to unravel the mysterious desires of your heart and overcome the difficulties with your own conflicting thoughts and feelings, we are here to help. We will guide you through our processes to assist you in achieving feelings of happiness, joy, and being congruent with the true desires of your heart.

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Be sure to include your phone number when you make your deposit with the number you’d like us to call to setup the coaching session. After you make your deposit, we will call you at the number that you provide to book the date and time of our first coaching session.

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